Mountain Trekking

Explore the mountains of The Boyacá region of Colombia


Mountain Trekking

Explore the mountains of The Boyacá region of Colombia

The Boyacá region of Colombia, aptly named the land of the cacique, offers a diverse range of biomes from tropical rainforest or cloud forest to high altitude páramo. The paramo is unique as a water factory and a true example of pristine wilderness. This one month pioneer expedition to Boyacá has a long-term goal of creating a sustainable community with the hope of showing young people the power they have to live well in a place and to impact the world around them for good. Students will collect important ecological data in conjunction with the University of the Andes and work with local farms and communities to help establish a community committed to a sustainable future. 

Language immersion and cultural exchange 

Open to students from around the world including Colombia. Although expedition leaders are bilingual, the majority of interactions will be in Spanish. There will be opportunities to interact with local farmers and community leaders to learn about the unique heritage of the Boyacá and Santander region. 

Physical challenge and high-altitude backpacking 

This will be a physically demanding journey that will allow student to gain strength and training in the lower altitude base camp before setting out on the main journey. The core expedition will involve high altitude trekking through the Boyacá region.

Natural history and leave-no-trace backpacking

With our partners OpEPA students will become experts in leave no trace backpacking and gain a deep understand of the flora and fauna of the region. 


Working in conjunction with Colombian Universities students will be collecting important data to help validate the land as a resource to recycle carbon from the atmosphere. 


To work alongside permaculture experts and the local famers to establish a robust and sustainable farming community. The goal is to re plant a forest that provides valuable products and food. 

Journaling and environmental art

All students will have a place book where they can personally document their journey and sketch the amazing environment around them.